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To reject – Parentas Against Media Violence

What Happens If Consumers Reject A Product?

Now let me remind you of four forgotten words. In a market-driven economy: THE CONSUMER IS KING.

These are words with power. American parents are the world’s biggest consumer community; we hold that power

in our hands.

But how do we execute this power
against the violent media industry?
By rejecting violent media products targeted at our kids.

How do consumers reject a product?

Let me give an example for clarity.

Here is an example of most recent

demonstration of consumer power, the most powerful of its kind, which practically disabled a very strong and powerful industry in a span ofless than a month. I am not talking about something that happened decades ago. I am referring to something that happened a year back,during September 2001. This demonstration of consumer power happened under tragic circumstances and was inevitable. But, a similar power can be evoked against the multimedia industry.

It was in the aftermath of the

September 11 terrorism horrors in New York City, Washington, D.C., and rural Pennsylvania. After the four terrorist air crashes in one day,within a span of few hours, we were scared of flying. We were scared
that the tragedy could be repeated. We no longer felt safe on an airplane. It was a question of our own survival, a question of our life.We were not willing to take our chances, so WE VOLUNTARILY REJECTED AIR
TRAVEL and used alternate means of transport.

In the process, without our

knowledge, we did something: WE REFUSED TO FLY AND WE REFUSED OUR

With this simple but inevitable

consumer decision, passenger Airlines practically came to a grinding halt. Many Airline companies went bankrupt and those that survived had to look to government support to stay alive. All this in less than a


During that period we could live

without flying, but the Airlines Industry could not live without us.

This is the demonstration of Consumer Power at

its best.

Now to answer our question:

Do we have enough power to dictate our terms

to violent media industry? The answer is – YES.

Consider the questions

  1. Who needs whom badly? Do our children need media as badly as media needs them?
  2. Can our children live without the violent media content?

And ask the same question differently:

  1. Can the people who produce and distribute violent media content targeting our children survive without our children?

You have the

power to dictate how the Entertainment Violence multimedia industry

should behave if you can answer: ‘yes, our children can survive without

violent media content’.

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