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The Key – Parentas Against Media Violence

 -what can parents do?

We don’t need an elaborate solution document. The answer is simple and its
implementation is easy. You have the power to bring corrections; it is in your hands. You would be doing something, which
government, research groups; medical and social associations have not been able to do during the last 50 years.

We have nothing against multimedia industry. We are just protecting our children. We are only looking for corrections in media targeting our children with violent programs, products and themes and we need to work towards achieving this correction. Here is our tool and this is how we use it.
Our negotiating tool: CONSUMER POWER
How do we use this tool? REFUSE TO SUPPORT.

‘We, parents, protest violent content in TV, videogames, movies and other multimedia products targeted at our children and we refuse to support or buy these products/programs’.

For one month, test this:

1. Switch off all violent TV program targeted at kids;
2. Do not pay your kid/s for movies with violent content;
3. Do not pay to buy/rent violent video and videogames.

See how the violent media industry targeting our kids reacts. This is the ultimate power you can exercise.

This is what would make media listen, take notice and care about what we have to say. No one can deliver this solution except you – Parent Group. A simple no from parents to Entertainment Violence could make a world of difference to social, moral and ethical values our kids would grow into. By saying simple ‘NO’ to violent media, you lose nothing but the good your kid/s can gain is immeasurable.

We cannot allow someone, who is dependent on us for survival, to harm our kids physically or mentally. And why should we?

Supporting/buying/renting violent media content targeted at children is like funding the enemy. You can never win a war by supporting the enemy.

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