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Refuse to support/ buy violent content – Parentas Against Media Violence

Consumer Power – The Ultimate Key: What Parents Parents Do?

We need to understand a few facts before we can even start working towards correcting the current multimedia policy of targeting children with violent programs/products. The way of approaching the issue needs attention.

Multimedia is business and business is about making money and to resolve business-related issues we need to look at business solutions.

Efforts during the last 50 years by government, institutions, associations, doctors and scholars have only resulted in
unabated growth in Entertainment Violence. This proves a point. Telling media to correct and behave will not help. We need to think of a different way to rectify the situation.

We need to consider:

  1. What powers do parents possess?
  2. Do parents possess the power to dictate the industry to behave?
  3. Can parents exercise it in the interest of their kids?

In business everything is about making a deal:  I have
something you might want to possess, what will you pay to get it? The price depends on supply and demand.
Who creates such
demand? It is the consumer. And who are these consumers? It is you and

I.Here is your
Power Key:It is time to look at
some basics of economic theory and some forgotten words. Let us not forget what we are: apart from being parent/s we are consumers who generate economic activities. We work the whole week, receive our paycheck and plough back most of that money into buying what we need for consumption. Producers become wealthy by producing products that people would want and need. If they produce something that people reject, they will be stuck with worthless inventory and that is the last thing these
producers want to happen.
Rejecting a product is the ultimate blow to any
producer. The only culture any businessman recognizes is – money. He would avoid any business like a plague if it has no Return On Investment(ROI).
This is the mantra. The key is to disturb that
ROI.  Only you can exercise this power as a consumer. No law by the government or research material by medical association can match this power. A product can stay on the store shelves only because you want it to be there. It stays there only on your support.  If you pull your support, it is history.
Let us use our consumer power and say NO to all
Entertainment Violence products targeted at our children.

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