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Ramv Book – Parentas Against Media Violence

Friday, May 28th, 2004

Anti-violence book earns parenting award nomination

Run Against

Media Violence, the book
designed to help parents to combat violent content in multi-media targeted at children, has been nominated in the Parenting Category for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award.
Three winners will be chosen from the eight finalists to be announced at
BookExpo America on June 4 in Chicago.

The author of the book is Brampton software designer Bala Kumar, who is also the founder of Parents Against Media Violence (PAMV) a non-profit parent group working towards creating awareness among parents in North America.

The group estimates that by the age of 12, the average child has seen 8,000 killings and 100,000 acts of violence on network television alone.

PAMV believes this can have serious physical and mental health problems for children including sleep disturbances, nightmares, aggressive behavior, de-sensitization to violence, fear and depression and could adversely impact their focus education, sports and other social activities.

The book contains concepts such as ‘TV Rehab’, a program for parents to work with their children to bring down daily media time from 6.32 hours to less than two hours.

The book is available on www.amazon.com (see link below) and other online book stores.

The first Run Against Media Violence was held in Brampton in 2001.

This year’s run will be held

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on September 11.

For more information on Parents Against Media Violence, visit www.pamv.org.

Available on: www amazon com -for the link click below

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